About Beretta Fleur

Well hello there, you. Welcome in! I'm so happy to have you here in my space.

I'm Beretta Fleur, and I'm a podcaster, author, blogger and confidence coach. I love to help people and entrepreneurs build and develop self confidence, stronger emotional skills and personalized plans to experience happier, healthier lives.

I  offer Confidence Coaching to people who need a boost of friendly support, customized action plans, and helpful tools for building stronger emotional and relationship skills. 

I produce a podcast called Cut Out the Crazy With Beretta Fleur, and a YouTube Channel of Coaching Videos, where I help people just like you minimize the drama and the "crazy" in life with my "life-hacks", tools, exercises and insight.

Oh, you want more? Okay. I'm also a happywife married to my desert island man, a dog mom, an auntie to many children, a nature nut and animal enthusiast. I like creating, hiking, traveling, cooking, shooting, gardening and learning about homesteading. Wow, that's a lot. I feel like I like everything. 

My creds? I have a rich educational and career background which includes media, design, marketing, education and crisis training.  For more on my background and projects, you can visit my CV.

I've come far in life with success and being my own boss, and I really want to help other people be as happy as I've been able to be. Life isn't always easy. I want to share my passion for life with you, and to serve you with the skills, experience and knowledge I've been able to learn. My goal is to support you and inspire you to live and love more honestly, more colorfully, and more adventurously. We have one life to experience. Where are you in your experience today?

xo Beretta

IG: @berettafleur