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“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”- Hunter S. Thompson


I'm a lover  of adventure, challenges and rock n’ roll, a working artist with a work  hard/play hard mentality, a happywife married to my desert island man, a dog mom, an auntie to many gorgeous children, a nature nut and animal enthusiast.


I've lived in tiny apartments, renovated vans, comfortable houses, barns, tents, sterile condos, luxury hotels and geodesic domes, so I've learned to grace a space with functional solutions and useful items that are simple, pretty and bring joy.

I've traveled almost every state and am adding world adventures every year. I road trip, hike and camp, find creative cheap lodging or delicious dog-friendly cafes.

I'm a working artist with a 401(k) and a great credit score, so I’m proof that you CAN be a successful creative person.

I've eaten vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and omnivorous diets, have hunted and cooked my own food,  and worked in the kitchen at great restaurants.

I want to share my passion for life with you, to inspire you and grow along with you, to live and love more honestly without being cynical, more colorfully without being too black and white, and more passionately without forgetting to be  prepared.

xo Beretta

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Beretta is a well-traveled designer, writer, blogger, artist and content creator currently based out of Texas.


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