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Curriculum Vitae

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Background and Bio


I am a creative leader with experience in digital marketing, publishing, event design and art direction. For two decades, I have elevated brand awareness through engaging imagery, memorable events and relatable content. I believe strong creative direction is rooted in authentic communication. My goal is always to bring out the strengths of my team to create a quality brand message that aligns with the customer.

I've worked with luxury fashion and beauty brands, luxury events and upscale auction firms, in both B2B and B2C environments, which has enabled me to develop a trained eye for design, fashion, marketing, branding and fine art. My skill set and work ethic has helped both private and corporate clients grow their revenue and revamp their marketing strategies with stellar results.


My professional dalliances also include podcasting, copy editing, creative writing, video editing, and appearing as a spokesperson for animal welfare.

For leisure, I enjoy creating fine art, cooking, gardening and exploring the outdoors. 


  • Acted as Publisher, Art Director and Production Manager with several magazines, publications and media agencies.

  • Director of Special Events/ Event Designer responsible for designing and coordinating events on a national scale in both luxury and corporate markets as well as in the non-profit sector.

  • Professional experience in team leadership, mentoring and coaching for teams and individuals.

  • Over two decades of experience in editing, publishing and media for websites, podcasts, blogs and documentary films.

  • Acted as an internationally published spokesmodel, marketer and nonprofit board member for animal rights activism.

Roles + Projects


Beretta Fleur Studio - Owner, 2007- Present

Design and fine art studio, private event design, video and podcast production, personal coaching and career mentoring sessions.


Weddings in Houston Media- Production Manager, Director of Special Events 2014- 2019

Maintained a prominent leadership role in B2B and B2C marketing and client relations. Offered expert-level management, strong design and kept a close eye on market trends. Responsible for marketing and coordinating events for B2B industry events and trade shows as well as for the B2C luxury bridal market. Seamlessly managed production, photography and website teams while acting as client liaison as needed. Achievements: Graphic Design USA Award Winner, 2014-2019

Goldberg Coins & Collectibles - Advertising Director, 2005-2012

Managed in-house design and production of brochures, ads and mailers.

Responsible for private event invitations, in-person auction attendance and online auction interface.

Responsible for attending trade shows for PR and marketing purposes.

Achievements: NLG Catalogue of The Year Winner, 2007, 2009-2011


Lone Star Magazine  - Art Director, January - September 2019

Art Director for revamp and relaunch of trade publication for local Houston Porsche club. Worked with board and contributors. Ensured publication became modernized while remaining on-message to subscribers. 

Dames, Planes & Automobiles Magazine -  Publisher, 2012-2019

Responsible for entire publication, managing content submissions, publication layout and design, file delivery, website, and managing social and web presence. Attended events to market and network. 

Publishing Credits 

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Atomic Bombshells Issue #6 Summer 2013

(Bonus Material Post here!)

Drive-In Magazine Lost Issue #2 -July 2013

Dames, Planes, and Automobiles Magazine Issue #3

Ignition Magazine Issue #2

Pinup Perfection Magazine Issue #12 02/2013

Atomic Bombshells Magazine Issue #4 “

Dames, Planes, and Automobiles Magazine Issue #1

Pinup Perfection Magazine Winter Wonderland Issue

The Cat’s Meow -Cold Weather Recipes  12/ 2012

Pinup Perfection Magazine Issue #11

Drive-In Magazine  05/2012 

Atomic Bombshells Magazine 05/2012 Spring

Bachelor Pad Magazine 03/2012


Hosting With Style - Beretta Fleur's Guide to Parties and Homemaking  - Author and Creative Director

Motherhood Is Easy - Illustrations , Cover - As Carrie Skupinsky


Dames, Planes & Automobiles Calendar - Publisher 2015-2017

Pinups for Pitbulls  - Spokesmodel, Calendar Designer, Event Coordinator and Board  Member 2007-2011

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