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Living Coral Ideas for Home

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

living coral pantone color - hot salmon pink
photo: bongkarn thanyakij

2019's Pantone color of the Year is Living Coral. This is my favorite pick from Pantone in a long time: a bright splash of orangey-pink that can work on many levels! Not just for the end of the decade, this color has lots of energy and life for many years to come as cheerful accent color or a bold accent wall used full-blast.

The best way to incorporate a pop of Living Coral is with rich textiles, statement furniture (as shown above with this beauty from West Elm), and serving or decor items. Ground it with off white, midnight blue, deep turquoise, or heavier neutrals like sand, gold, or bark. Think Mediterranean, oceanic palettes on steroids. (Update for 2020: Pantone's pick for 2020 of Classic Blue pairs very well with 2019 Living Coral.)

As shown above in these matte velvet curtains, the rich textile of these drapes makes Pantone's Living Coral a lush experience rather than a flash of overwhelming color.

Brighten a nursery, dim hallway or sitting area with a slightly toned-down area rug like this one by Dash & Albert for a hit of color on grey days.

If you're not ready to commit to a wall, this cute planter from World Market will look festive and fun, especially when filled with a healthy, deep green broad-leaf houseplant, dusty-sage succulent or tousled flowering friend.

This modern and fun Coral Herringbone serving tray by Cat Coquillette is an easy way to stay current when entertaining in 2019 and beyond.

Beyond a visual experience, soak up (or gift ) the ambiance of Living Coral with this artisan candle from Otherland.

My personal favorite and low-commitment way to embrace (and then lovingly keep or retire) color trends are throw pillows, and this lovely boho-fun pillow by Dewllissimo ticks all my Living Coral boxes.




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