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Day Hike: Fall Branch Falls, Georgia

On my family trip to the peaceful Georgia mountains, we wanted a fast day hike good for all ages. We decided on Falls Branch Falls, by way of the Benton-Mackaye trail.

Pros: Beautiful in-out mountain trail with green gorgeous trees and some mild elevation changes so it took a little effort. The end of the brief trail has a picturesque waterfall and a deck for photo ops. The historical cache of being on part of the Benton-Mackaye was cool, too. Great for families/all ages. My 70+ year old parents and my 3 year old niece were both able to walk it.

Cons: It was CROWDED, mostly with idiots. People were running off trail into the woods, literally pushing trees over with brute force (to make walking sticks I assume). I saw people in high heels, and the trail was choked at some points with hollering, loud, destructive people. I know most people don't know any better, but kind of ruined it for me until we waited everyone out.

Overall rating: Three stars - it would have more if it wasn't so crowded.


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