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January Challenge: Reset Your Mind, Body & Heart

New Years resolutions 2021
photo: lina kivaka

January is traditionally when challenge ourselves to be healthier, more loving and patient, more responsible, to make more time for the things we love or those goals we want to accomplish. This should feel good, but instead, it can feel depressing and overwhelming:

‘I barely made it through this year. We’re in a pandemic. I’m freaked out about my health. I’m worried about my kids. I‘m worried about my parents. I’m worried about my job. I’m alone. I’m scared. I’m angry at our leaders. I’m angry at everyone. I feel so trapped. I feel so frustrated. I feel so helpless. Now is just NOT THE TIME.’

My January Challenge to you, wonderful you, is to stop for a second and flip that thinking around: what if Now is actually the MOST important time for you to reset?

Working from home 2021
photo: anastasia shuraeva

Your loved ones need you. The world needs you. You deserve, yes even now, to feel loved, cared for, healthy and happy. This year and every year, that remains true, no matter our external circumstances.

This January Challenge is designed around the belief that it is VERY important for you to be present and centered, and to be intentional about remaining as healthy and as happy as you possibly can be. Your loved ones depend on you to be here. Call upon your strength and understand how important it is that you show up for your life, instead of reacting to external elements.

2021 meditations
photo: andrea piacquadio

When you do this free January Challenge to reset your mind, heart and body, you’ll start developing healthier and more joyful physical, spiritual, creative and mental-emotional habits. You’ll intentionally connect with others. You’ll explore your own heart and mind. You’ll reduce your stress. And you’ll do it with one simple, committed action every day: reading and doing the item written in the square.

For my January Challenge, I’ve done most of the work for you. Just pick a day to begin and read the square! Click below and save to your phone.

Happy New Year to you. I’m right here with you and wishing you peace, joy and happiness.




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