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Meal Prep - Turkey Ricotta Balls

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Low carb, gluten-free quick meal that will get you through the week!

I get it. Working and family and pets and chores and running errands =s NO TIME. But, you say, meal prep is intimidating. I agree, so here is an easy one to get you started. And hey, if you decide to get tacos one evening instead of zapping your meal prep food, I won't tell. These freeze beautifully.


1 package ground 80% lean turkey 1 egg or 2 egg whites Fresh spices ( basil, rosemary, sage, thyme and/or marjoram are all good)

Pink salt ground pepper Garlic!! I used minced, about 2 cloves Low fat Ricotta cheese (2 parts turkey 1 part cheese ratio or till thick like dough) 1 Caramelized onion Your favorite red sauce

Frozen or fresh veggies (your faves) Shredded Cheese (your favorite)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Heat oven 325 to 350 Caramelize onions first (30 mins) in EVOO in a heavy pan (I use a cast iron skillet.)

Dice and cook over medium heat, stirring often, till brown.

While onions are browning, combine all but last 4 ingredients and mix well.

Add onion. Mix again.

Working in batches, form into balls with 2 spoons. Brown in pan, gently turning with tongs till seared. Finish in oven 15 to 25 mins or till done. (Can you tell I wing it?) Cool on towel lined wire rack or plate. In small freezer containers (I reuse takeout ones) place balls, vegs, shredded cheese and red sauce. Freeze until ready to eat! Good by itself (low carb and gluten free) or with pasta, quinoa, polenta, or rice. #lowcarb #glutenfree #recipes #glutenfreemeatballs #lowcarbmeatballs #meatballrecipes #mealprep #foodprep #recipe #easyrecipes #onion #turkeyrecipes


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