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Podcast: Beretta Fleur Du Jour Episode 1

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Imposter Syndrome is a real struggle for many, not just socially but also in the workplace. It’s the feeling of being a fish out of water, or a sense that you don’t deserve the life you‘re living, that everyone around you has a grip when you yourself do not. It’s the dread that you are an Imposter, and you’re terrified of being found out.

So, how to deal with Imposter Syndrome, and even use it as a tool to serve you?

Welcome to Beretta Fleur Du Jour, Episode One - Imposter Syndrome

Yes, I’ve begun producing a podcast! Writing about and discussing topics like Imposter Syndrome has always been a passion, and I decided that I wanted to start a conversation in a more intimate, accessible way. Written words can sometimes seem so one-sided and insular.

Due to COVID, I’ve had some extra time, and a closet-cleaning spree led to creating the perfect little recording nook in my master bedroom closet. So, I will be regularly publishing episodes from my little closet space linking them here.

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If you love wellness, self care, beauty products, recipes and interior design as much as I, fear not- these topics will still be found here! However, I’m also interested in digging a little deeper into topics like Imposter Syndrome, the Enneagram, social dynamics between women, fertility, aging, self-worth, healthy lifestyles and body positivity. These topics deserve some airtime, and a blog seems like the wrong platform for these weightier discussions. I also love sound and video editing, and podcasting just feels like a good fit.

(A little trivia: Audiothoughts was name of my first website, blog, animation and design studio in 1999, and my former moniker was Audiogirl, so playing with this media feels a little like coming home to my roots.)

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I’m currently publishing to SoundCloud, but as I produce more episodes, I will publish on as many podcast platforms as I can, including ITunes.

You can also drop me a line at BerettaFleur@icloud.com to learn more, or to let me know topics that are of interest to you, too!

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