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Wellness Shopping List

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

January is reset month for many, and for me it's been nonstop during my work week, so I am in much need of some downtime. I've picked up a few new products to try that I am hoping will enhance my restfulness and clear my head... and smell good, too!

Diffusing essential oils can have many mental health benefits, creating a calming atmosphere or assisting with breathing trouble during cold and flu or allergy season. The misting humidity also helps ward off dry skin in winter. This little plastic wood grain style model offers hours of soothing and gently scented mist, plus an LED nightlight in 6 colors. Its modern design is clean and pleasing, and it's on the lower end of the pricing scale, so if you're new to diffusing, it's a great starter model. The 500 ML capacity covers larger spaces and means less refills, and it is overall quiet and easy to care for.

Its reviews are better than most, with overall customer satisfaction in its look, functionality, ability to scent a room, and the power of the mist. Wipe it out once every week or so to avoid clogging. I'm on my second one and no complaints!

2. Basic Essential Oils Set - Art Naturals

At 10ml each, this starter set of basic favorite oils was a reasonable buy. The tea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, orange, lavender, peppermint and sage oils can be combined in any number of blends can enhance sleep, ward off anxiety or create an engergizing atmosphere, which I will go into more in a later post.

I also picked up this bergamot oil which has a pleasing citrus scent but with some more complex notes.

3. Dry Brush - Angel & Kissed

have not found solid research about Dry Brushing having legitimate medical benefits, but I do like the idea of practicing this deliberate and relaxing means of exfoliating as a beauty and self-care ritual. Much as a face or scalp massage can take away anxiety and increase circulation, so can the gentle, slow, circular motion of dry brushing the skin (with oils, such as a few drops of almond or citrus – or without ), starting from the extremities and toward the heart. Practiced once or twice a week for maximum benefits, this practice can leave your skin exfoliated, soft and silky, and your mind in a calm, reflective state.

4. Magnesium Oil Spray - Essentially Based

I've heard good things about the positive effects of magnesium supplements or soaks and sprays on sore/restless joints and as a sleep aid. Magnesium is an important element to your overall health, but taking too much internally can have adverse gastrointestinal reactions. Get plenty of calcium to combat this. I thought I would give this moderately priced spray a go. It gives a light tingle/ warming sensation to my joints, and smells better than icy hot. Use 20 minutes before showering as it forms small crystals on the skin..or try a soak instead.

They're delicious and I do fall asleep faster when I take these, and feel more rested when waking. Take 20 minutes before you want to drop off. I like these because they are just 5 mg, so you can try one dose and see if 5 or 10mg is right for you/your family members. Nature Made also makes a decent one in 3 mg, too.


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