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8 Products For Glowing Skin

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

best products for glowing skin, healthy skin 2020
photo: shiny diamond

I'm a skincare fanatic, but I love being outside! Freckles, dry spots, bug bites and clogged pores from too much sunscreen can sneak up on me. Beyond loads of SPF, sleep and water, I rely on these products for glowing skin in the warmer months.

My must-haves for health and beauty products in general is that each product must smell amazing or have no scent, work well, be affordable and accessible, and have a packaging aesthetic that I can enjoy looking at morning and evening.

I've been trying these products for months, so I've had the chance to see how their shelf life holds up, experience the value and overall quality of the products, to confidently recommend them to you. These products are relatively cheap and can be found online and at big box stores like TJMaxx and Target.

glow lab coconut & sandalwood body wash
photo: glow lab

1. Glow Lab Coconut & Sandalwood Body Wash

I use a lot of bar soap, as two years ago I made a conscious effort to reduce my plastic. However, that bar soap in my shower can build up and feel dull and waxy on my skin. My solution is to swap out my bar soap once in awhile with this amazingly scented Body Wash by Glow Lab. This feels and smells like a luxury spa treatment in my shower and makes me smile whenever I use it. I found it at TJMaxx and also online here. If I find any other GlowLab products, I will definitely be trying them.

olive + m face oil set
photo: olive + m

2. Olive + M Oils

I use oils to moisturize my skin, to remove eye makeup with a cotton ball, and sometimes lightly with my bronzer, blusher or body lotion for glowing, dewy skin. This mini face oil set by Olive + M is great because not only is the product inside of a wonderful quality, they travel spectacularly when well-insulated. The little glass dropper bottles can be repurposed for creating your own on-the-go essential oil mixes or toting liquid makeup or medicine. As a little goes a long way, this $18 set will last for months, so the value is well worth the price. Olive + M is also now available at Target.

3. Mon Amie Kale + Vitamin C Face Serum

This serum is light enough to dot onto my skin and neck under my primer or lotion in dry weather or climates, or before bed. It also has no scent which is rare, so it's a nice carrier if I want to blend it with lavender, citrus or mint. A $7.99 TJ Maxx find, I've also found it online here, but it's about 3 times the cost I paid. If you can't find it cheaply, perhaps use this formula as a template for other face serums.

4. SAVANA Body Elixir

I first found the SAVANA brand at a tiny boutique in the Houston Heights when oils were ramping up to be all the rage. I purchased a lovely citrus blend of grapefruit and sweet almond oil. At $25 the 2 oz bottle was a little steep, but here I am, years later, still using it for dry-brushing my skin, as a spot-treatment to get rough elbows glowing, or a few drops in the bath. The brand has since had a powerful makeover in packaging, and as the citrus oil seems to be no longer available, this beautiful glass dropper bottle of Flora Body Elixir would be the next buy for me. Find it online and at various NY and TX boutiques.

5. Pearlessence Aloe Rosewater Soothing Face Mist

I don't know where TJMaxx finds this brand, as I cannot track down an origin site for this product, and different packaging is available for different blends. I do know that I use the Aloe Rosewater Face Mist on the daily, as a makeup finisher for a dewy glowing complexion, as a toner under my face lotion, and as a soother for bug bites or too much sun. It is my favorite multi-use skincare product, and I will probably grab a few more bottles from TJMaxx once stores are back open for retail. Meanwhile, find it here on Amazon.

herbivore hydrating face mist
photo: herbivore

6. Herbivore Rose Hibuscus Coconut Water

Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist is a popular choice for much of the same thing. I did love it while I used it, but the smaller 2 oz bottle, heftier price tag and the shorter shelf life (it started smelling off to me after 2 months – not sure why) makes it a second go-to choice to Pearlessence for me in the long run. In addition, I miss the aloe.

nyx born to glow liquid illuminator
photo: nyx

7. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

I know makeup enters into that die-hard-fan area and I'm not about to test your loyalty to your current go-tos, or even vouch for the quality of the rest of this line. But if you want an inexpensive new highlighting product to try, or are curious about the NYX line, here are some options from this affordable line. NYX is available online, at many grocery and drugstores, and Target.

Born To Glow Illuminator is a nice light blusher cream which lends a dewy finish to your cheekbones. This formula works well with my other products and does not seem to clog my pores, despite being thicker than a cheek stain. Gleam is a peachy-bronze color perfect for summer. If you don't want to dive right in, try buying a mini version, a steal at under $4, and perfect for travel.

nyx california dreamin' face and body highlighter
photo: nyx

8. NYX California Beamin' Face & Body Liquid Highlighter

California Beamin' is a newer NYX product which is a bit more liquid for sheer coverage and all-over-body. Use on your face, décolletage, arms, legs, anywhere you want some extra glow. (I admit I'm also a sucker for a product with a dropper for some reason.) I like Beach Babe, but there are many shades to choose from. This $10 product is also vegan-friendly. This is a new try for me, but so far so good! The sheen can be kind of intense, so tone it down by using just a tiny bit of product, mix it with your lotion, or use it for evenings out.




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